Class Descriptions/Prices




One-on-one session on the mat and Pilates equipment designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual. We utilize all of the studio equipment in these sessions including the Reformer, Cadillac/Tower, Wunda chair, spine corrector and ladder barrels as well as the pedal pull and other Pilates props. You will learn and work on the classical Pilates exercises and system with an individual and personal approach. First session is buy one, get one free!

1 Session $60          5 Sessions  $275          10 Sessions $525


One Instructor for two or more students on the mat and Pilates equipment. It is recommended that students are similar fitness levels. First session is buy 1 get 1 free! Grab a friend and come in for an intro class together or come in for a buy 1 get 1 free Private intro session so we can see if we can match you up with some one else. Prices listed are per person.

1 Session  $45          5 Sessions  $182          10 Sessions $320


These classes are 6 week introductory classes meet once per week and are limited to four students on the reformer. In addition to the reformer you will work on Mat and Tower work. Experience a unique approach to physical conditioning utilizing all of the muscles of the body.

$105 for a 6 week Series


BOOTY BARRE CLASSES Booty Barre classes combine the strengthening principles of Pilates, the grace and movement of dance, and the stretching benefits of Yoga. Your core will be challenged while working through a wide variety of movements while using a Ballet Bar. This fluid fusion class is set to upbeat music to encourage you to push yourself, get your heart rate up and have fun.

MAT CLASS These classes offer a full body core centered workout that will help you learn the classical order that Joe Pilates invented! So you can practice it anywhere you go. Mats and  appropriate Pilates props are provided.


1 Class $12 regular $10 student       5 Classes $58        10 Classes $105

* Unlimited 1 month Intro to Mat and Barre class special for new students $50 reg/ $40 students